website development company in pune

Website Development Company in Pune

website design company in pune

What is a website?

A website is an address for an organization, a person (or anything!) on the internet. The name of a website (for eg. is called as a domain name. A website is a collection of one or multiple web pages inside a single domain name.

A website development service develops or creates a website

What does website development mean?

A website is an address for an organization, a person (or anything!) on the internet. The name of a website (for eg. is called as a domain name. A website is a collection of one or multiple web pages inside a single domain name.

A website development company is a company that develops or creates a website.

website development services in pune

Web Developer in Pune

Aayansh Germinate Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading web developers in Pune. We provide improved software and web application development with completely customizable solutions to create your website.

ecommerce website development company in pune

What is the difference between website design and website development?

Website design includes the creative aspects of creating the website. The look, feel, fonts, graphics etc. are various aspects of the website designing process. Some website developers use preexisting templates to develop their website on, however, these templates are not very flexible and do not have much scope for change. Even though there are many web designers in Pune, Our designs stand out because they are created by keeping your exact requirement and customization as our priorities.

Website development includes creating a website either on a template or on the design provided by a website designer

There are many website developers in Pune that offer their services. At Aayansh Germinate, we offer solutions in all areas of development like Website design and development, Mobile application development, Software application development and Digital Marketing.

Website creation requisites

To create a simple website, you will require the following

  • Domain name
  • Web Hosting
  • Business email address
  • Good quality content
  • Graphics
  • Website design or a template

What are the different types of websites?

There are two basic categories of websites. Static and dynamic (interactive)

Static website: Static websites are the websites that appear the same to every user and do not change. These are generally simple and created using just HTML.

Dynamic websites: Dynamic websites are interactive websites that appear different to different users according to the user’s preference. Dynamic websites are more complex that static websites and require experts to create them.

Websites can also be categorized as per functionality. Let’s take a look at some of the more popular ones

1) Business website: A business website is a website created for a business organization. Business websites comprise of various sections that help define your products or services.

web design services in pune
web developer in pune

2) E- Commerce websites: E commerce websites are basically online stores. In e commerce websites, provisions are made to sell products and receive payments. Some of the most popular e commerce websites are Amazon and Flipkart. These websites have a provision to display products. Aayansh Germinate is one of the top ecommerce website development company in Pune. Our websites are not only user friendly and efficient, but are also inexpensive and easy to manage. We take pride in being one of the best e commerce development company in Pune.

3) Blogs: Blogs are generally a compilation of articles. Blogs can be personal; news related or can belong to a business as well. Blogs are easy to create and not much expertise is needed to create them. Blogs enable you to write about your topic of expertise and share it with the world. A lot of bloggers turn their blogs into a full time business and hence blogging has become very popular in recent times.

4) Social media websites: Social media, as the name suggests, is used to communicate socially with a large number of people. Some of the popular social media sites are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Social media sites are popular with most people using at least two or more sites on a regular basis. Social media makes it easier for people to stay in touch, get in touch with long lost friends and family, read up on news and opinions and to create entertainment.

5) Portfolio Websites: A portfolio is a collection of work to be displayed. Portfolio sites are generally created by artists to showcase their work. These include, art portfolios, Photography portfolios, designer portfolios etc.

6) Community forums: As the name suggests, community forums are created by content received from various users. The most common community forums are Wikipedia, Quora and various support forums.

7) Video streaming websites: Video streaming websites are a collection of videos. YouTube is one of the most used video websites. Other subscription based websites include Netflix, Amazon prime video, HBO etc. Subscription based video streaming websites have gained popularity due to their unique content and because they offer a better alternative to regular TV channels.

8) Landing pages: Landing pages are generally single page websites created for marketing purposes. The content on landing pages is generally very precise.

9) News media and magazines: With a lot of users choosing to go paperless, online media sites are a great way to catch up on your reading and to get daily news updates. Most newspapers and magazines now have a digital/online version.


Website creation requisites

E commerce

E commerce

We help you create user friendly and efficient e commerce websites for your products


Payment gateway

Integrate payment gateways of your choice or use or own payment gateway created for our customers

Mobile compatibility

Mobile compatibility

Your website will look and function just as well on a mobile screen

User Friendly

User Friendly

Create user friendly websites that are easy to navigate and is easy on the eyes too



Include multiple call to action buttons on your website for the ease of your customers



Create dynamic and interactive websites with multiple functionalities

What is a website

How are websites evaluated?

Just like footfall is one of the major criteria for a business, number of visitors is one of the most important ways to evaluate a website. Apart from that the quality, accuracy and uniqueness of content is an important factor.

Various analytics tools are available in to evaluate your website. A good website development company provides you with analytics as a value added service.

Our Web development & web design services

1) PHP: Php is a language used to create dynamic websites. It is the most widely used languages to create websites

2) HTML: HTML is a set of symbols and codes used to define how content will be displayed on a webpage

3) Python: Python is an interpreted high-level general-purpose programming language. Python's design philosophy emphasizes code readability with its notable use of significant indentation.

4) Angular: Angular is a platform used for creating web applications and mobile desktop applications

5) Java: Java is a high-level, class-based, object-oriented programming language that is designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possible

6) Others: To see all our services

7) Also visit our iOS development services



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